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Essential oils are currently all the rage, and the interest in their abilities to positively impact one’s life, doesn’t appear to be waning. You can utilize essential oils in roll on form to take their therapeutic benefits wherever you go. You can also wear special jewelry that makes them more mobile. Aside from these options, there are a couple of ways you can employ the use of essential oils in your car to reap their therapeutic benefits while driving.

 Road rage, car sickness, drowsiness, stress and anxiety are all negative emotions that drivers deal with on a daily basis. There are essential oils that can combat all of these emotions including Frankincense, ginger, cinnamon, eucalyptus, pine and more. It’s important to stay away from oils that have the more calming effects like lavender and chamomile. A little bit of introductory reading into the world of essential oils can open up a whole new understanding of the powers that these substances have.

 Several companies make diffusers designed specifically for your car. Many of these designs plug into one of the vents either in the front or back seat of the vehicle. There are also designs powered by your car battery that plug into the adapter in your vehicle. These are obviously a much better use for that adapter than a cigarette lighter ever was. You can cross reference the compatibility of these devices by reading the specs of your car at Cars.com.

 There are also a handful of handmade ways to introduce essential oils into your car. You can create a small, decorative piece made of absorbent felt to hand from your rear view mirror. Keep a bottle of your favorite oil handy and regularly dose the felt with the oil. It should hold the aroma for an extended period of time before it needs recharging.

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