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There is no doubt that the more advanced culture becomes, the more complicated and nuanced society becomes with it. While there are numerous effects of this shift, one of the changes felt by almost all everybody is a rise in stress levels.

Whether it’s at the grocery store dropping an item or getting the wrong change, it can seem like the smallest problem is all it takes to start a stress-rage.

If you suffer from these moments and are looking for ways to change your lifestyle, below are some great relaxation techniques.


While sitcoms would have you believe that Yoga is only for Moms who have been exercising for years and look like they just stepped out of a Yoga clothing catalog, the opposite is actually true. Yoga can benefit anybody who undertakes the exercise and is an activity which you can do at a studio with other people or privately in your own space. Through stretches and breathing, Yoga calms your heart rate and your nerves, helping you to relax your mind.


Often referred to as Retail Therapy, shopping has long been a serious way to reduce stress. While you may think it’s just another fad designed to make people buy more, the act of shopping can have serious positive impacts on your health. The next time that you are at work and feel like you can’t take the day anymore, open up your browser and take a look through the Groupon Coupons page for Barney’s New York. Once you see something you like, buy it! Straight away! Now you can spend the rest of the day excited to receive your new purchase instead of stressing over purchase orders!


Okay, maybe this list is getting a little unconventional, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going off topic. If you haven’t taken your stress out on a boxing bag before, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Instead of yelling at a delivery driver the next time you get the wrong change, book in and join a boxing class at your local fitness studio and take out your life frustrations on a boxing bag!


Have you ever danced sad? How about angry? Of course not! Because every time that you dance, you forget about your problems and you let the music take you away while you shake your body in enjoyment! For this reason, consider dancing as a stress relieving tool. The next time that you can feel your stress levels rising, take yourself to a private space and dance to a song or two. Of course, it’s best to choose a high-energy song to really snap you out of your bad mood and change your course.

Just because your phone won’t’ stop ringing or your unread email list won’t stop growing doesn’t mean that you need to live a life of constant stress. Keep this list close to your workstation, and the next time that you can feel your anger and stress levels rise, take it out and give some thought to a stress reliever technique.

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